tokyo hunting

September 9, 2015

What is this about?

It has really been a while.  But I still miss this place a lot. 
Though like most other Asians, Tokyo is one of those "second home(s)" that I travel to with my family every year. 
But this time is a bit different. This time is legit a "Tokyo hunting". Because, instead of traveling in Tokyo as a tourist, I went there as a student in Waseda University. The summer session was surprisingly educational. I learned a lot about Japan through the local perspectives and I got to sight a lot of other cultural artefacts that I didn't notice before. Waseda is a great university. Thank you Leicester for giving me this wonderful experience!

Now I guess it's time to get back to reality. Time to get back to the piles of reading, essay writing, and lecture sleeping. Oops, I mean, lecture listening. I hope I will remember all that I have learned in Waseda and share this great experience with peeps back in Leicester! 
So Tokyo, I will see you again! And next time I will come with more bravery, bravery, and bravery.