6 girls and their city misadventures 

April 30, 2015

What is this about?

Easter is our last holiday before our summer begins. Quite a bit of stress for the 3 essays and the 2 exams coming up in May. 6 of us decided to head out to Stockholm and basically... without planning anything, YOLO a bit and see if we can find any surprises. I mean, we did try to plan something but scheduling never works when we are too into our holiday mood. Anyway, I bought a GoPro hero 4 Silver edition recently. Originally, we were planning to go skydiving in Sweden, so I thought it would be cool if I shoot some footage up in the air. Well, it's fine. Even if we ended up aimlessly walking everywhere and anywhere, I still got some pretty nice footages. Spent like 1 night to edit this. Because this is my first time shooting with a GoPro, the footages aren't as clear and clean as they should be. I will be more careful next time! I hope I can do a Walk with me series again. For now, hope you guys will enjoy walking with us to Stockholm! 

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