I am on the stage!

Feb 28, 2015

what is this about?

I received an opportunity from one of the LUST seniors to film a comedy jam
This is my first time going to an English comedy jam. The company invited Geoff Schumann, White Yardie, Kat Boyce and Danny Silm Gray to perform on stage. Though I didn't quite understand the humor, the atmosphere overall was exciting. People of different background came to Leicester just to watch this show. 

what did you do? 

I was camera person, mainly responsible for right stage angle. 
My role was to capture the walk-in shots for comedians and focus on the angle between the comedian and the audience.
Basically, I needed to capture both the performance and the reaction of the audience. 
Because of limited supplies, I used a Sony CX190 to shoot. That was why the battery was an issue. The show went overtime and therefore I didn't have enough battery to capture all the audience details. I saved it up for the walk-in shots and hopefully it's enough for my part. Next time: bring more batteries! More than enough! 

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