A Taste of Runner

Jan 29, 2015

What is this about?

I am not too sure about the entire production purpose. But from the little I heard from the producer, it is filmed for an advertisement proposal to Nestea.  The title of this video is called "Moment of Freedom". Fortunately, I received this opportunity through LUST and I was able to experience and gain a bit of what is it like to be in a real media production. 
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What did you do?

I applied for the production assistant job. My first task was to gather all the cast members and travel with them to the venue. But for most of the part, I helped out along with another LUST member, Issac, to set up the venue for actual production. We also helped to set up sound systems, carrying lighting equipments from floor to floor, and just keeping quiet during the actual filming. I was excited to see how the crew cooperate to function the professional cameras. The most challenging part of this job is to keep the public members out of the venue during the production. As an international Chinese student, it was quite difficult to appear to be stern or "serious" when it comes to telling the local people not to do something. Maybe it has to do with my personal confidence or something, I wasn't entirely comfortable with that part of the job- always ended up quite awkward.  I had to make sure I was being quiet to tell them to be quiet and keep out of the scene. Well, at the end of the day, it was a fantastic experience! I am looking forward to see the actual product. Not to mention, the crew members were all amazingly nice. They gave me a lot of opportunity to observe and learn from the production process. I wish I can do this again sooner or later :)!

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