Conveying Justice 5,972 Miles Away

January 17, 2015

the internet is amazing. 

I have been working on a project with my high school teacher in Hong Kong. Well, actually, back in the high school days I helped the Social Justice Club to film few of their projects. Pretty fun and interesting, I got to walk around local districts and talk to different people. After coming here to UK, I realize I got most of my film inspiration/ media skills from my projects on SJC. I decided to offer my help and see if there's anything I can edit or make for my lovely high school teacher.
This year, SJC expanded their team into branch 1 and branch 2 (read more). Branch 2 went to a local primary school and celebrated Christmas with them. Unlike the previous years, I wasn't there to film the event. My teacher filmed with her iPhone 5 and dropboxed all footages to me. It's a new trial. I have never edited things which were filmed 5,972 miles away. 
The quality of the footages is a bit grainy, but I still had a lot of fun mashing things together. 

Music credit: Glee- Light up the world